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Have you just invested in new flooring for your home or office? Are you ready to enjoy your newly renovated space? If you have decided what carpeting is best for your space, let the flooring professionals at Flooring America of Chandler install carpeting for you. When you install carpeting, you only get once chance to match up seams, cut the carpeting for the space, and stretch it to meet all of the walls. Follow through with your carpeting purchase by hiring us for professional carpet installation. Our flooring store has a showroom full of carpeting and trained carpet installers that can get the job done.


Flooring America of Chandler Knows How to Install Carpet

It is best to turn to professional carpet installers for your flooring. There are many advantages to professional carpet installation versus do-it-yourself carpet installation. Our store has an extensive showroom of carpeting options that will meet your décor preferences. Professional carpet installation will:

  • Use tools available to professional carpet installers
  • Have properly sealed edges for joining of different piece of carpeting
  • Remove old flooring material and clean the subfloor before installation
  • Make doorways accessible with doorway trimming if the carpeting causes the door to move with difficulty
  • Include the best padding for underneath the carpeting
  • Meet manufacturer’s specifications for carpet and padding to preserve the carpet’s warranty
  • Are covered by the Flooring America Ultimate Confidence Guarantee

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of getting professional carpet installation is the peace of mind you get. You know that your flooring will last as long as it should because it was installed the right way.


The Flooring America Ultimate Confidence Guarantee Covers Carpet Installation

Choosing Flooring America of Chandler for a flooring purchase and carpet installation means that you get the Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. This standard setting warranty includes:

  • The Assurance Warranty: If a customer is not pleased with their flooring installation, the team of carpet installers will replace it with a floor of equal value
  • Price Protection Guarantee: If a customer has made a carpet purchase and finds it at a better price, we will refund the difference to the customer
  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee: If a customer has an installation-related issue, our professional carpet installers will fix it at our expense.
  • Confidence Plus Warranty: If a customer has purchased carpeting that has one of Flooring America’s five star ratings, we give up to 60 days for a customer to decide if they are satisfied with their flooring. If not, we will replace it at our cost.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage: If professionally installed, the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your carpeting purchase will be valid

Choose Flooring America of Chandler as your team of professional carpet installers. We have experience with selling and installing carpeting. No matter the size or difficulty of the job, we know how to install carpet.


Carpet Installers in Chandler AZ

The best team for professional carpet installation in Chandler AZ is Flooring America of Chandler. Our team will take care of you every step of the way from giving you a free in-home estimate, finding the best carpeting for your space, and finally professionally installing your carpeting. If you’d like to learn more about carpet installation from Flooring America of Chandler, call us today at (480) 447-1801.

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